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Turkish Epimedium Macun Price In Pakpattan/ 03476961149 Professional

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Price: $8,500

Epimedium Macun is a 100% natural product primarily based totally at the items of nature and the Epimedium plant. From the  first use, Epimedium macun treats problems such as impotence and erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, strengthens sperm and increases libido. Epimedium has a duration and effect up to three times longer  than other chemical-pharmaceutical products that are sold at a much higher price. The main ingredient of the product is Epimedium, an herb  called Yin Yang Huo in Chinese, which means herb that balances Yin and Yang.  English phlegmatics call it Horny Goat Weed for understandable reasons, i.e. H.My. “Herb of Goat in Heat.” 


 This product is genuine, certified and authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Turkey. The number one natural aphrodisiac in Turkey. A botanical formula made from pure Turkish honey. Its fundamental aspect is the extract of the Turkish epimedium “goat weed”, which has been used  as a herbal aphrodisiac in historical Asia for hundreds of years. Natural tonic for erection and sexual desire without  side effects. Stimulates  erectile function in men and increases blood flow to vaginal tissues in women. Scroll up to add your Epimedium macun paste today and enjoy the benefits.In traditional Chinese medicine, the herb is given to both sexes. In menin addition to erectile dysfunction, it is administered to increase sperm count and increase sexual satisfaction, while in women it is mostly administered to combat fatigue but also high blood pressure that occurs after menopause. In the West, research has shown that the active ingredient in Epimedium is “icariin.” 

 What to Expect: 

 Sexual Desire, increases desire and sexual desire. 

 Make her happy in bed.

Stronger orgasms. 

 Ability to act after orgasm

 More confidence in bed. 

 Effects on men: 

 Increases  sperm count. 

 Helps get a very strong male erection.Stimulate and increase sexual potency

 Cures premature ejaculation and delays ejaculation. 

 Extend erection time. 

 Contributes to increasing the number of sexual relationships. 

 Effects on women: 

 Pleasure and comfort in sexual relationships.

Helps reduce fear and anxiety. 

 Narrowing of the vagina

 Increments libido in women. 

 Increments the sensitivity of the G-spot

 Turkish Macun with Epimedium Herbal Paste (Aphrodisiac) - is a completely  natural product. Epimedium is the main ingredient in Turkish Macun with Epimedium Herbal Paste (Aphrodisiac). It has the same effect as some chemical medicines, without side effects.

Epimedium is a paste that contains more than 60 species of the Epimedium genus from  the Berberidaceae family. Plant content: Turkish Macun with Epimedium herbal paste (aphrodisiac) is grown in southern China, Europe and Asia. These plants, which have an interesting structure, can grow in any region and according to their characteristics. 


 flower honey, glucose syrup, mulberry molasses, pollen, epimedium (0.79%), carob, oats, ginger, galangal, cinnamon, maca, American ginseng, nettle, Siberian ginseng, Ginko Biloba, red ginseng, pumpkin, iron thistle , Cola Plant, Nature Identical Flavor (Vanilla), Royal Jelly


 It is recommended to use 1-2 tablespoons of Turkish Epimedium Macun (aphrodisiac) – half an hour before bedtime. Stir vigorously before consumption

 Turkish Macun with Epimedium Herbal Paste (Aphrodisiac): It is a 100% natural product, not a drug. It can increase your performance and body condition. 

 If you have health problems related to blood pressure, high blood pressure or  other heart problems, consuming this product may be harmful to your health.

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